A beverage for the bold. The ones that never shy away from being themselves. What you see is what you get. Always!

At Atypique, we show our true colours. Absolutely no judgment and justification are needed. We do not wish to question the reason why you don't drink alcohol, we want to celebrate the fact that you don't need it to be festive!

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Atypique offers a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to all of those who wish to avoid drinking alcohol. Whatever your reason is for choosing Atypique, our ready to drink cocktails offer the same satisfaction you get from sipping on your favourite cocktail. There's no need to limit yourself! Atypique beverages are to be consumed with no moderation.


Not only are they flavourful, but they also contain less sugar when compared to their alcoholic counterparts. A great and healthy alternative to your favourite cocktails! Not feeling guilty has never tasted this good.


The uniqueness of Atypique beverages' flavours are making it a one-of-a-kind product! It is surprising, refreshing, and unlike anything that has ever been made before. Not only it is the perfect alternative to alcoholic drinks, there's no compromise on the taste. Beyond a mocktail, it's a delicious sparkling drink.

Our ready-to-drink cocktails

Nothing is more convenient than our ready to drink cocktails! Not only they are delicious, we offer refreshing beverages with less sugar than your usual soda. You will want a can in your hands for every occasion!

Our spirits

For the more daring individuals, our spirits are perfect to awaken the mixologist within yourself and create personalized mixes at home. It gives you more liberty and boosts your creativity.

Way more than a beverage!
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