Atypique is the perfect mix between a great idea and a creative team.

Atypique has one goal: to push the limits of the ready-to-drink industry,
by offering classic recipes of your favourite cocktails, but in a non-alcoholic form.

Atypique - No Alcohol

Out of the box, out of the standards,
out of the category.

The one alternative for those who don’t want to drink alcohol,
no matter what the reason is.

For as long as I can remember, I have always considered myself as an atypical person. I have never fitted in standards that were established by others, and I have never wanted to follow their path.

I surround myself by people who are just like me. People who are not afraid of being different and proud of doing so. I think that what differentiates us also is what brings us together.

No matter where you are from, who you are or what you would like to do, if Atypique speaks to you, join the movement! Here, you will never be alone. Because being different is what brings us together. Typically different. 


– Étienne Boulay

Atypique - Étienne Boulay